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The modern gasoline-powered engine

At its most basic level the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine found in most cars and trucks is a fairly simple machine that converts fuel into energy by using a spark to ignite gas vapour in an enclosed chamber. The resulting explosion drives a piston, which turns a crank, which spins a shaft, which turns some gears, which eventually makes the tires go around, thus propelling the vehicle forward or backward. Simple, right?

Well, it used to be, but this is the 21st Century and the internal combustion engine (ICE), like most things, has come a long way. The electronics and computers found in modern vehicles have taken this basic engine and made it very complicated indeed and even more complicated for auto repair. Now, you need a mechanic who is highly trained in all the intricacies of the modern engine, and one who is constantly keeping up with the continued changes that occur year-by-year in the industry.

Trusted for car maintenance in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows

mechanic reparing carAt Dewdney Automotive Repairs they understand the many nuances of the modern gas-powered ICE, and they have the diagnostic equipment and tools to maintain and repair engines for all makes and models. In addition, fully certified auto repair technicians do all of the work so you can feel secure knowing that professionals are keeping your vehicle road-safe.

In Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, motorists have trusted their cars and trucks to Dewdney Automotive Repair for more than a decade because the technicians are well-trained in every aspect of gasoline engine repair and maintenance.

Five reasons to bring your vehicle to Dewdney Automotive for auto repair

  • Technicians and staff with more than 80 years of combined experience in auto repair
  • The best diagnostic equipment in town for bumper-to-bumper care
  • They work on propane as well as gas engines
  • Certified provincial vehicle inspection facility
  • Honesty and integrity comes at no extra charge with every job

You will not be disappointed in choosing Dewdney Automotive Repairs for your vehicle! We will give you great mechanics and quality workmanship with every job. We are your top choice when it comes to fixing your car or truck!

Contact Dewdney Automotive Repair for auto maintenance and service in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows at 604-460-1151.

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